About Ultimas

We enable free-to-play games to become a commercial success on PC platforms

Developed by gaming veterans and digital payment experts, UltimasPlugin offers affordable, time efficient and easy to implement solution for free-to-paly games' monetization on PC platforms. We empower publishers and developers to spend more time on perfecting their games' experience by removing the need for building and maintaining own server and developing bespoke payment integration tools.

Our payment management system enables in-app purchases and supports a dynamic in-game inventory. Get an overview of your games' commercial performance, discover most purchased content and items, analyse sales trends and run targeted campaigns based on seasonality, region and players' purchase history. All that through a user-friendly interface and various levels of system access.

As more players expect to access their favourite games on multiple devices, we create freedom of sharing great games on more platforms and reaching even more fans.

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