UltimasPlugin supports most popular payment methods, including credit cards, and will soon support cryptocurrency wallets.

You can run a campaign to promote your sellable in-game content if you are a Publisher registered with UltimasPlugin. Select the game app; assign campaign name; set the price, target group and campaign duration; get regular performance reports for ongoing campaigns. Find more information on campaigns here.

Yes, it does. A Publisher registered with UltimasPlugin sets up levels of visibility and functionality controls for groups of users by assigning administration roles. A Publisher of multiple games from different developers has an overview of all and each of the games, runs campaigns and analyses performance across their portfolio. A Developer has access to their game’s inventory and can add live in-app items. UltimasPlugin admin roles are explained here.

Our plug-in is developed to use on Steam. Plug-ins for more PC platforms are coming soon.

We’ve developed UltimasPlugin for Unity 3D (available now) and Unity Engine (available May 2019). Visit Publishers page of our website to learn more.

Installation instructions and sample code for Unity 3D can be found on the Unity dedicated page.

Get it touch at admin@ultimasplugin.com and we will do our best to help within 48 hours.

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