User Reviews

We develop video games for different platforms: PC/Steam and for the mobile market. This one is a really useful tool for those companies that would like to publish F2P games already developed, but don't want to get bogged down with tedious SDKs. You will be able to launch your games easily on more platforms.

Juan Perlata,
CEO of Flynn’s Arcade

"We have never considered launching a mobile F2P game on Steam. Thanks to this plugin, besides being lightweight and easy to integrate, it has saved our programming team from a lot of work since we didn't have to take care of the servers. Also, most of our games are in Unity and released in Steam, so it fits perfectly.

Victor Cerezo,
Product Manager at Zerouno Games

It seems to me that with UltimasPlugin we are going to make good friends. There are many times that we blocked a project because of the problems this plugin has made disappear.

Luis Gutiérrez,
CEO WesterEgg

"As a video game developer, I have to create different products for different platforms based on their business model. This can become a cumbersome process. Having a tool like UltimasPlugin, that can manage monetization quickly and visually, is fantastic. It provides analysis, useful tools, region breakdown, etc. saving us time and budget on developing the same thing in-house."

Francisco Javier Soler Fas,
CEO of Fakto Studios and project manager at U-tad