Achieve more with UltimasPlugin

Bring your free-to-play game from mobile to PC, faster

UltimasPlugin makes it easy to bring a free-to-play mobile game to Steam and manage in-app purchases. It's the only technology that provides game-to-platform integration tools, transaction processing and price management functionality without the need for building a server.

Save budget on development and maintenance

UltimasPlugin makes free-to-play games on PC platforms more affordable to release and easy to manage. Simply deploy a short code in your free-to-play game, and you are ready to add sellable items, set prices, run campaigns and analyse sales reports, while we take care of the technical part.

Reach more players and win more followers

UltimasPlugin enables your game to reach more players in a matter of hours. Make your mobile game available on PC platforms and increase its potential audience by 70%.

Engage your fans with a multi-platform, multi-device game experience

UltimasPlugin enables you to follow your players' eyeballs, no matter the device they use. In the new cross-platform landscape players expect their favourite games to be accessible on multiple screens.

Extend the average length of game session

Mobile games count more sessions a day, but PC games are played for longer. Whether on the go or in the comfort of their own home; on a smartphone or on a PC - give players freedom to choose and opportunity to enjoy your game for longer.

Get full control of game portfolio through an intuitive interface

UltimasPlugin provides a single Publisher sign-on for multiple games and a dynamic inventory system for sellable content. Add game apps to your personal profile, create in-game product lists and set prices. Analyse each item's performance, generate sales reports and receive weekly insights.

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